Kerala Lottery Result Chart (CHECK NOW)

The Kerala Lottery Result Today has been announced by the Kerala State Lottery Department. Participants eagerly await the results to see if they are among the lucky winners of the day. The Kerala Lottery Result for 2024 today includes various lotteries such as the Win Win Lottery, Sthree Sakthi Lottery, Akshaya Lottery, Nirmal Lottery, Karunya Lottery, and Fifty Fifty FF Lottery.

Kerala Lottery Results

Kerala Lottery Result

Introduction Of Kerala Lottery Results

The Kerala State Lottery Department announced the winners of Kerala State Lottery Results for Today. You can check the live result at 3 PM to see if you won. The lucky winners of the Kerala State Lottery Sambad will receive the First Prize of up to Rs. 80,00,000. check the State Lottery Sambad Today Result on this website, the winning numbers of today Lottery, Kerala Lotteries Saturday, and Lottery Result Winner List for Kl Today Lottery.

Kerala Lottery Result

You can participate in the Kerala State Lottery in 13 states of India, Kerala, Goa, Manipur, and Punjab. You can check the results for today Kerala Lottery Sambad for Today, other lotteries like Win Win , Sthree Sakthi , Akshaya Lottery, Nirmal , Karunya , and Fifty Fifty FF on this website. Here are the results for the Kerala Lottery.

Kerala Lottery Result will be available after 4 PM every day. The results can be found on their website. You can find today’s lottery results. Check the Kerala State Lottery Result for the winner list and winning numbers.

The Today Kerala Lottery Result is available online and can be checked easily. The results are updated live, and participants view the winning numbers they are announced.

What Arе Kеrala Lottеriеs?

Kerala lotteries are a form of gambling or games of chance legally operated by the Kerala State Lotteries Department, a government entity in the Indian state of Kerala. These lotteries offer people the chance to win prizes based on the random drawing of ticket numbers.

Kerala lottery result today live Lottery‘s winning ticket numbers have been announced. You can look up your lottery ticket number to see if you won. The results will be posted at 3 PM and you can watch the draw video, view the result PDF, or watch the live stream on YouTube.

The Kerala lottery Result Chart is a detailed record of all lottery results, providing an easy reference for players to check past winning numbers.

Types of Kerala Lotteries

Kerala lotteries come in various types, with different names and prize structures. Some popular types include “Karunya,” “Akshaya,” “Win-Win,” “Fifty-Fifty,” “Sthree Sakthi,” and “Nirmal,” among others.

Ticket Purchase

To participate in a Kerala lottery, you need to buy a lottery ticket. These tickets are usually sold through authorized agents and retailers across Kerala. Each ticket costs a specific amount, ₹30 or ₹40, depending on the type of lottery.

Prize Structure

Kerala lotteries offer a range of prizes, including a first prize, second prize, and multiple lower-tier prizes.The prize amount varies from one lottery type to another; typically, the first prize is the most significant. The second and third prizes are substantial.

Claiming Prizes

If you win a prize in a Kerala lottery, you must claim it within a specific time frame, typically within 30 days from the date of the draw. To claim your prize, you’ll need to fill out a claim form and provide proof of identity, a government-issued ID. Prizes of larger amounts might require additional verification.


It’s important to note that lottery prizes in Kerala are subject to taxation. The amount of tax can vary depending on the prize amount and current tax regulations.

Online Results

Kerala lottery results are usually published on the official Kerala State Lotteries website and displayed at the Kerala Government Gazette website. Many newspapers publish the results. , you can check the results on mobile apps developed by the Kerala State Lotteries Department.

Kerala Lottery Result Today Live

For those who want real-time updates, the Kerala Lottery Result Today Live is available. This feature allows participants to watch the results as they are drawn, adding excitement to the lottery experience.

Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday

If you missed checking the results the day before, the Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday is available online. This ensures that participants can stay up-to-date with the latest results.

Kerala Lottery Result Live

The Kerala Lottery Result Live feature offers a real-time update on the draw results, ensuring participants have the most current information.

Kerala Lottery Result Chart

To keep track of past results, the Kerala Lottery Result Chart is an essential tool for participants. This kerala lottery result chart 2024 includes a comprehensive list of winning numbers for the entire year, helping players analyze patterns and trends.

Kerala lottery today guessing number

We’ve made a list of Kerala lottery results today guessing numbers. We did our research and looked at past results to determine these numbers. Remember that the Kerala lottery number winner selection process is completely random; therefore, there’s no guarantee that these numbers will win. Just have fun and play responsibly. We wish you good luck!

Serialkerala lottery result today guessing number

Kerala Lottery Result Prize

RankPrize Amount
1st PrizeRs. 80,00,000 [80 Lakh]
Consolation PrizeRs. 8,000
2nd PrizeRs. 5,00,000
3rd PrizeRs. 1,00,000
4th PrizeRs. 5,000
5th PrizeRs. 2,000
6th PrizeRs. 1,000
7th PrizeRs. 500
8th PrizeRs. 100

Kerala lotteries draw name

Kerala Weekly Lottery

The list of Kerala State Lottery Draw Names is:

Lottery TypeDraw Day
Akshaya AK LotterySundays
Win-Win W LotteryMondays
Sthree Sakthi SS LotteryTuesdays
Fifty Fifty FF LotteryWednesdays
Karunya Plus KN LotteryThursdays
Nirmal NR LotteryFridays
Karunya KR LotterySaturdays

Kerala Bumper Lottery

Kerala Bumper LotteryDraw Time
Vishu BumperApril (Vishu Festival)
Summer BumperMay/June
Monsoon BumperJuly/August
Thiruvonam BumperAugust/September
Pooja BumperNovember/December
Christmas New YearDecember/January

How to Check the Kerala Lottery Result

Kerala Lottery Results
  • Select the lottery name and draw date you want to check.
  • Click on ‘View’ to see the winners’ list in a PDF format.
  • Look for your ticket number in the list to see if you won.
  • If your number is listed, congratulations! You can claim your prize at the Kerala State Lotteries Department offices.

You can also check results through the Kerala Lottery app available on Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Alternatively, you can find them by checking local newspapers and news channels.

Process to claim prize

  1. Get a claim form from the lottery website or agents.
  2. Fill in your details and attach proof of identity (like a passport, driver’s license, or PAN card).
  3. Submit the original winning ticket along with the form and proof of identity.
  4. The Kerala State Lottery Department will verify your claim.
  5. Applicable tax deductions will be made as per regulations.
  6. Visit the Lottery Department office to collect your prize money after verification.

If you have won a prize in Kerala Lottery Result, congratulations! follow the steps to claim your prize:

Prize AmountClaim ProcessRequired DocumentsTax Deduction
Up to Rs. 1 LakhDistrict Lottery Offices ClaimThe winning lottery ticket and the required papersNo tax deduction
Above Rs. 1 LakhClaim from Director of State Lotteries or Nationalized, Scheduled or State/District Co-operative banksTo claim, you must submit two small photos, a receipt, a signed PAN card, an ID proof, and other required documents.30% tax deduction for claims over Rs. 10,000, 10% for agent’s prize claims.
Above Rs. 1 Lakh and up to Rs. 20 LakhsClaim from Deputy Director (Prize)Claim application, two passport-size photographs, receipt, self-attested PAN card copy, attested identity proof, and other necessary documents30% income tax deduction for claims exceeding Rs. 10,000/-, 10% deduction for agent’s prize claims
Above Rs. 20 LakhsClaim from Director of State LotteriesClaim application, two passport-size photographs, receipt, self-attested PAN card copy, attested identity proof, and other necessary documents30% income tax deduction for claims exceeding Rs. 10,000/-, 10% deduction for agent’s prize claims

Kerala Lottery Result Today Guessing Number

For those who like to predict, the Kerala Lottery Result Today Guessing Number can be a fun way to engage with the lottery. Remember, these numbers are purely speculative and should be taken lightly.

Kerala Lottery Result Jackpot

The Kerala Lottery Result Jackpot is the most anticipated part of the draw, with participants hoping to win the top prize.

Jackpot Kerala Lottery Result

Stay tuned for the Jackpot Kerala Lottery Result to see who takes home the grand prize today.

Lottery Result Today Kerala Lottery Result Today

For all the latest updates, the Lottery Result Today Kerala Lottery Result Today is your go-to source for current winning numbers.

Today Kerala Lottery Result Live

Watch the Today Kerala Lottery Result Live to experience the excitement of the draw as it happens.

Lottery Result Today Kerala Lottery Result

Stay informed with the Lottery Result Today Kerala Lottery Result for the most recent winning numbers.

Today Kerala Lottery Result Today

Check the Today Kerala Lottery Result Today to see if you’re among today’s lucky winners.

Today Kerala Lottery Result 3 PM

The results are announced at 3 PM daily, so be sure to check the Today Kerala Lottery Result 3 PM for the latest updates.

Today Kerala Lottery Result Jackpot

Don’t miss the announcement of the Today Kerala Lottery Result Jackpot to see if you’ve won the top prize.

Lottery Result Today Kerala Lottery Result Today Live

For live updates, the Lottery Result Today Kerala Lottery Result Today Live feature is the best way to stay current with the draw results.

History Of Kerala Lottry

Thе history of Kеrala lottеry is quitе Interesting. It all bеgan in 1967 whеn thе Kеrala Statе Govеrnmеnt introducеd thе first-еvеr lottеry to hеlp fund various public wеlfarе programs. This simplе idеa quickly gainеd popularity, providing a chancе for pеoplе from all walks of lifе to try thеir luck and win prizеs. Ovеr thе yеars, Kеrala lottеry has grown into a major institution, with multiplе daily and wееkly draws offеring various prizеs. It has not only changеd thе livеs of many lucky winnеrs but has also contributеd significantly to thе statе’s dеvеlopmеnt by financing important initiativеs in еducation, hеalthcarе, and morе.

The Kerala lottery results are subject to chance and luck. The lottery outcome is random, and winning is not guaranteed. Participants should gamble responsibly and within their means. The Kerala government conducts the lottery as a form of entertainment and revenue generation. Please be aware of the risks involved and play responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When is the Kerala Lottery result announced?

A: The Kerala Lottery result is announced daily at 3:00 PM.

Q: Where can I check the Kerala Lottery result?

A: You can check the Kerala Lottery result on the official website or through authorized lottery agents.

Q: How can I claim my Kerala Lottery prize?

A: To claim your Kerala Lottery prize, submit your winning ticket along with required documents to the lottery office.

Q: What are the prize categories in Kerala Lottery?

A: Kerala Lottery has various prize categories, ranging from the first prize to multiple consolation prizes.

Q: Are Kerala Lottery prizes taxable?

A: Yes, Kerala Lottery prizes exceeding a certain amount are subject to applicable tax regulations.

Important Notes

Thе Kеrala Lottеry is a spеcial lottеry systеm run by thе govеrnmеnt in Kеrala. Thеy offеr diffеrеnt typеs of lottеriеs with diffеrеnt prizе amounts. If you’rе intеrеstеd in playing, wе havе a nеw tool that can hеlp you chеck your lottеry rеsults quickly and еasily onlinе. You don’t havе to wait for updatеs on TV or in thе nеwspapеr anymorе! Whеthеr you’rе a rеgular playеr or nеw to thе lottеry, thе Kеrala Lottеry is a fun way to try your luck and maybе еvеn win big prizеs that could changе your lifе. Givе it a shot and sее if you’rе thе nеxt lucky winnеr!